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Public Transportation & Ridesharing Options in Placer County, California: The Reduction of Drunk Drivers

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Public Transportation and Ridesharing are just one of many ways to get from place to place in Placer County, California. Not only is cheaper than driving your car, but you won’t ever have to worry about attempting to drive home after a fun night out when you know you have had one too many drinks. While many people will turn up their noses to public transit lines, there are many other ways you can get home from a night on the town without driving yourself home. Many large cities are encouraging options such as this and Placer County, California is just one of them.


Reduction of Drunk Driving and Ridesharing

According to Roseville DUI Attorney Michael Rehm, Uber is just one of many ridesharing services out there that can get you to where you need to be when you need to be there. Not only is it available 24/7 but companies such as this are extremely affordable as well. This is part of the reason that these kinds of services are perfect for reducing the number of drunk drivers on the roads. The average reduction of DUIs in many areas, including Placer County, is more or equal to approximately 10% each year that companies offer services like ridesharing due to the ability to get from one place to another without the need to physically drive. Plus these services practically deliver you to your door rather that the bus which will only take you to a bus stop where you then have to complete your walk home.


Benefits of Public Transportation and Ridesharing

There are many benefits to both Public Transportation and Ridesharing such as the ability to use them at any time of the day or night, and the low cost of use. Other benefits include the safety of yourself and others on the road as well, for example drunk driving. If each person drinking at this very moment could ensure they had a designated driver on hand at the moment they want to go home, the number of DUI arrests and deaths would literally plummet. This is why companies like Uber and the PCT or Placer County Transit lines are put into place, to deter people from driving under the influence of any drug, including alcohol and even illegal or medical drugs.

The Cost

Did you know that taking the PCT costs as little as $1.25 per ride or you can purchase a general 30 day pass for $37.50? Today’s average car gets about 24.1 miles per gallon, meaning that with gas costing an average of $4 a gallon and the average person driving about 1,123 miles per month, you will spend $186.39 on gas in a month’s time. Taking the bus for a month would save you about $148.89 each month, allowing you to do more with your money than simply feeding your gas tank.


Companies like Uber cost about the same, maybe a little more depending on the distance you want to travel. The cost difference is shocking and the ability you have to avoid any DUI charges with a company like this shows how wonderful it can be. Uber is one of the many reasons for the decrease in the number of drunk drivers and due to their low prices and constant availability, these companies are easier to call on than expecting to wait for a bus to come pick you up. The essential need to lower the number of DUI arrests as well as the number of accidents that are caused by drunk driving is astonishing and we should all do our part to stay off the roads when we drink.

Environmental Organizations in California

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There are literally dozens of environmental organizations based out of California, and many that aren’t based there, but still do a lot of work in California. These groups work hard to protect and clean up the environment that we live in while pushing stricter environmental regulations through various forms of government. Each of these groups plays a key role in keeping the state of California clean and protecting the various wildlife and other natural resources from harm. And while there are probably hundreds of other groups that may not be brought to light here, each is doing what they can to protect the world that we live in.


Groups in California

Groups that are based out of California include Heal the Bay, Foothill Conservancy, Global Green USA, Wildlife Conservation Network, The Clean Oceans Project, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Save the Redwoods League, and so many more. And while each of these groups is focusing on a particular goal, they are all working together to save the environment and the creatures that live in the environment. For example, the goal of the Save the Redwoods League is to protect and restore the coastal redwood trees or the Sequoia Sempervirens to their former glory by planting and protecting these trees all over the state of California.

Who Are These Groups

Each of these groups is considered an environmental organization because they are non-profit and only take volunteers and donations to do the work they accomplish. This means that each of these non-profit organizations collects money from those who care to assist them in their larger projects and accomplish their goals. While each of these organizations may do something completely different, they look for people who want to make a difference that cannot be achieved by one singular person. This is what creates the organization.


One particular environmental group in California is doing a lot of work in Placer County through the Placer County Land Trust. Their specific goal is to protect and restore not only natural habitats but also agricultural lands to create a natural playground for everyone to enjoy. They do this through donations of land from farmers and other residents of Placer County which they then restore and enhance to include in their playground. This includes hiking trails, recreation, and so much more to show the people of California what amazing things nature has in store. Placer County Land Trust values many things that show through in the goals they have such as quality of life, passion, growth, integrity, community, innovation, and connection with the earth.



Without groups and organizations like Placer County Land Trust, Save the Redwoods, and Heal the Bay, there are many issues that people in California and all over the United States would eventually face. For example, there are conservation organizations who gather to clean up the highways, without them we would probably be driving through a landfill. Without organizations caring for the trees, your children or grandchildren may never get to see a giant redwood, or sea turtle. The destruction that we place on the ecosystem and all the creatures that live in it is extremely great and can cause excessive amounts of harm to our environment. The issue that we truly face is that there are very few people who truly care about the environment that we live in and have an issue walking the 5 feet to a trash can or putting a plastic bag in their car for garbage. These people instead throw trash out of their cars or simply toss it to the ground without a second thought about the damage it could really do.